Waterjet FAQ

Q: What kind of waterjet cutting equipment does West Coast Waterjet have?
Our facility houses one Mach 4C, 200-horsepower, 94,000 PSI system with dual dynamic heads on a 4 x 3 meter table, increasing the cutting and production speeds 4x faster than the standard Mach 3 machine. One Omax OptiMAX 60X with 5-axis cutting, VFD controlled motor/pump, and coming late Q4 2023 rotary cutting capabilities for square and circle tube/pipe.

Q: Why West Coast Waterjet process is better than other conventional cutting methods?
Waterjet cutting is faster and easier to setup. It is extremely precise and allows working with virtually any material, thickness and density. A combination of speed and cost makes waterjet cutting the solution to your next cutting job.

Q: How “green” is West Coast Waterjet operation?
West Coast Waterjet is proud to use the most environmentally friendly technology in the industry – waterjet machines. The high precision of waterjet cutting helps to reduce material waste. In addition, All cooling water is reused and recycled, saving millions of gallons of water per year. We also collect and recycle all scrap materials.

Q: What types of material does West Coast Waterjet cut?
Capabilities of waterjet cutting are virtually limitless. West Coast Waterjet primarily works with titanium, tungsten, stainless steel, tool steel, aluminum, as well as stone, wood, composites and various plastics. Ask us about your product – we’ll do a test cut.

Q: How large can the material be?
West Coast Waterjet can cut material as large as 9’ x 13’, up to 12“ thick and beyond, depending on material type and density. Technique and set up allows us to cut material beyond our table size. Call and talk to us about your requirements.

Q: What file formats does West Coast Waterjet accept?
Providing us with a ready-to-use CAD file will save you some time and money on preparation and setup. We can also work with DXF, DWG, IGS and many other formats. We can accept sketches and drawings which we can easily convert into CAD files for you with customer approval. So there is no limitation on how to deliver your ideas.

Q: What kind of projects does West Coast Waterjet work on?
We have a variety of customers from marine to fine art. We have cut parts for transportation, fish processing, ships engines, performance bicycle wheels and race cars. Our capabilities are only limited by your imagination.

Q: Does West Coast Waterjet work locally or internationally?
West Coast Waterjet serves both U.S. based and international customers.

Find out why West Coast Waterjet’s Company slogan is “Quality Parts, First Time!” Request a quote for waterjet cutting services for your unique application, or contact us to learn more.

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