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18a. Stainless Steel Components 18b. Stainless Steel Tubing-0.0625-inch wall 18o. Steel-0.275-inch 18d. Titanium-0.12-inch Foam Sound Insulation 1/2"
18f. Space Shuttle Tile 18g. Titanium-3.5-inch 18h. Stainless Steel Screen-0.012-inch Glass 1 5/8" Aluminum 3/4"
18k. Steel Webbing-0.16-inch1

One major advantage of waterjet cutting is its versatility—not only can one cut steel with water, but also chicken nuggets, diaper padding, and countless other materials. In fact, there are very few materials that a waterjet cannot cut.

At West Coast Waterjet, we are not limited to only water cutting metal. We work with a wide variety of metallic and non-metallic materials, and process them all with the same precision, speed, and repeatability.

If your application requires parts or components cut from any standard or specialty material, look no further than West Coast Waterjet. Our metal cutting capabilities enable us to create the parts you need—even complex shapes from difficult materials—with accuracy and a quick turnaround.

Find out why West Coast Waterjet’s company slogan is “Quality Parts, First Time!” Request a quote on precision waterjet cutting for your material of choice, or contact us to learn more.

18l. Plexiglas-0.375
18m. Marble-0.75-inch 18n. Glass Blown-4.5-inch
18o. Composite Fiber 18p. Brass-0.25-inch
18q. Stainless Steel-0.625-inch 18r. OSB Prototype-0.375-inch 18s. Foam-2.5 and 1.5-inch 18t. Jade-1.5-inch 18u. Steel-0.87-inch-and-0.275-inch
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