West Coast Waterjet is dedicated to precision waterjet cutting services.

West Coast Waterjet is dedicated to providing precision waterjet cutting services. We utilize the latest technology to provide fast, economical waterjet cutting. Everything from stainless steel and titanium plate to diapers and chicken nuggets can be cut efficiently via waterjet technology, making the potential applications for this process ever expanding.

A subsidiary of S3 Maritime, LLC, West Coast Waterjet serves the Pacific Northwest and the West Coast, providing contract manufacturing for customers in all areas of industry. Our advanced equipment outperforms the competition, giving us the fastest, most accurate waterjet cutting capabilities in the region. Advanced programming and automated controls make it possible for us to turn even the most complex designs into tangible products.

Featured Machines: Flow International MACH 4C Dual Head, Omax OptiMAX 60X 5-Axis

West Coast Waterjet employs green manufacturing processes to make our business more environmentally-friendly. We recycle waste water from our equipment’s cooling towers through a closed-loop system, reducing our output to local waste water treatment facilities; nearly all material scrap is sent to local salvage yards for recycling; and the garnet used for cutting harder materials is recycled.

West Coast Waterjet is ISO 9001:2015 certified for quality control.

Find out why West Coast Waterjet’s company slogan is “Quality Parts, First Time!” Request a quote for precision waterjet cutting services for your unique application, or contact us to learn more.

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