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Parts and Components. By Material and Thickness.

8.1a. Aluminum- 0.5 and 1 inchAluminum 0.5 and 1 inch
18j. Aluminum-0.75-inchAluminum 0.75 inch
8.1b. Aluminum-0.125-inchAluminum 0.125 inch
18p. Brass-0.25-inchBrass 0.25 inch
18o. Composite FiberComposite Fiber
18e. Foam Sound Insulation-0.5-inchFoam Sound Insulation 0.5 inch
18s. Foam-2.5 and 1.5-inchFoam 2.5 and 1.5 inch
18n. Glass Blown-4.5-inchGlass Blown 4.5 inch
18i. Glass-1.625-inchGlass 1.625 inch
18t. Jade-1.5-inchJade 1.5 inch
18m. Marble-0.75-inchMarble 0.75 inch
18r. OSB Prototype-0.375-inchPrototype 0.375 inch
18l. Plexiglas-0.375Plexiglas 0.375
18f. Space Shuttle TileSpace Shuttle Tile
18a. Stainless Steel ComponentsStainless Steel Components
18h. Stainless Steel Screen-0.012-inchStainless Steel Screen 0.012 inch
18b. Stainless Steel Tubing-0.0625-inch wallStainless-Steel Tubing 0.0625 inch wall
18q. Stainless Steel-0.625-inchStainless Steel 0.625 inch
18k. Steel Webbing-0.16-inch1Steel Webbing 0.16 inch1
18u. Steel-0.87-inch-and-0.275-inchSteel 0.87 inch and 0.275 inch
18o. Steel 0.275 inchSteel 0.275 inch1
18d. Titanium-0.12-inchTitanium 0.12 inch
18g. Titanium-3.5-inchTitanium 3.5 inch


Cutting, Fabricating, Assembling, Installing

8.2a. 7585.
8.2a. 7587
8.2a. 7593
8.2a. 7600
8.2a. WestCoast-Insulation-Seattle-0523
8.2a. WestCoast-Insulation-Seattle-0854[1] - Copy
8.2b. DSCN7608
8.2b. WestCoast-Insulation-Seattle-0534[1]
8.2b. WestCoast-Insulation-Seattle-0997[1]
8.2c. WestCoast-Insulation-Seattle-1039
8.2d 7b, 180x180_coast-guard_3[1]
8.2d 10b, 180x180_alucia_3[1]


Projects Completed

The component in the fully manufactured product.

8.4a. 7b1. Features, WA Ferry8.4a. Seattle_Ferry8.4b. 10a, alucia_boat_2-206x299[1]8.4d. 7a, 3 RB-M8.4d. kvichak_rbm_16x208.4e. P753A

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